CEC’s RF solutions for science and industry reflect our company’s most significant core strength: the ability to economically and expeditiously produce new, robust, one-off RF solutions for unique applications. These solutions have supported some of mankind’s greatest achievements, and have made possible many innovations that touch our everyday lives.

Full Spectrum of RF Solutions for Science and Industry

Continental Electronics is the world’s leading manufactures of high power, high frequency RF solutions for science and industry. We develop custom solutions to meet the unique needs of civilian and government entities on a global basis. Our products are the best in the world, and our clients are our highest priority.

  • Products for science and industry include full tool kit of RF power supplies/amplifiers, and high voltage power supplies
  • Utilized in such diverse applications as particle accelerators, plasma physics research, fusion power generation, oil recovery, medical processes, atmospheric research and fusion
  • Excel at delivering high power RF over a broad frequency range into very poor load conditions
  • Installed base that includes major High-Power RF installations at many US National Laboratories
  • Serving customers with the finest in High-Power RF Amplifier and HV Power Supply Systems for more than 70 years
CEC’s amplifiers and power supplies equip linear accelerators (LINAC’s) used for various scientific purposes, including producing isotopes for diagnoses and treatment of cancer.
An alternative to steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), CEC RF power supplies provide RF energy to induce oil flow by raising the temperature of the formation.
CEC’s amplifiers that produce the plasma necessary to start a fusion process is one major piece in the puzzle of developing an unlimited energy supply.

Customized Solutions

Over the past 70+ years, CEC has developed an extensive catalog of “building blocks” that serve as a basis for all custom RF solutions for science and industry.

These “building blocks” include but are not limited to HV power supplies, solid state and tube amplifiers, fixed and variable inductors of various sizes and capability, fixed and variable gas capacitors, fixed and variable oil capacitors, high power switches and relays, cooling systems and control systems.

By configuring a unique solution for a new application from standard “building blocks”, the NRE and production time can be greatly reduced.

In addition, risk is mitigated by using field proven “building blocks” as the core of the design.