Here are examples of how CEC has created custom solutions for industrial challenges, by using building blocks from its extensive library of proven RF transmitters and power supplies, DC power supplies and ancillary equipment.

CEC is awarded contract to assist field pilot test in Alberta Canada oil sands by a consortium of Suncor, Devon Canada, Nexen Energy, Harris Corporation, and Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC).

Located north of Fort McMurray, the field pilot, known as ESEIEH (Enhanced Solvent Extraction Incorporating Electromagenetic Heating) has been successful in proving the feasibility of using RF energy to help extract oil from the Athabasca oil sands.
RF transmitters in the wellbore generate electromagnetic waves with frequencies in the microwave range that are directed into the formation. The waves interact with water molecules, generating heat in much the same way a microwave oven does. This process makes it possible to extract oil in a more environmentally friendly manner.
ESEIEH uses wells configured in horizontal pairs much like a SAGD operation. The radio frequency energy and solvent is introduced to the reservoir in the upper well. Bitumen and residual solvent are produced from the lower well.