DC Power Supplies
& Ancillary Equipment

CEC designs and manufactures high voltage DC power supplies (HVPSs) that can be customized to meet virtually any requirements. Our HVPSs feature high precision and conversion efficiency (greater than 90%, AC to DC) and can be used as modulators in transmitters using high power vacuum tetrode (power grid) tubes, and as beam power supplies for gyrotrons, IOTS (Inductive Output Tubes), klystrons and magnetrons.

CEC can provide turn-key DC power supplies configured for your needs or individual subsystems and components tailored to your system requirements.

Modularity in CEC’s HVPS architecture allows our power supplies to be scaled to meet virtually any specification.

CEC designs include the proprietary Pulse Step Modulator (PSM), a solid state solution that offers advantages over conventional power supplies for continuous wave or pulse applications, as well as high-level modulators

Systems can achieve voltages up to 200KV, currents up to 2000A and power up to 2MW.

CEC’s amplifiers and power supplies equip linear accelerators (LINAC’s) that are used for various scientific purposes, including producing isotopes for diagnoses and treatment of cancer.
  • Design modularity allows for any desired level of redundancy with controls systems that bypass faulted modules with no change in output power.
  • Crowbar-less design for reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Power supply modules operate with better than 99% efficiency and a high power factor, virtually eliminating wasteful heat generation and allowing for simple air cooling.
  • Highly precise, low noise, stable AC or DC auxiliary power supplies to power items such as filament and/or field electromagnets for many different vacuum tubes in high power applications.
  • Designed to be continuously adjustable in current or voltage.
  • Equipped with internal protection, including temperature and short-circuit protection, to prevent damage from misuse.
  • Common parts and designs amongst multiple supplies in a system provides for ease of maintenance.

Customized Solutions

CEC creates a unique system solution for every scientific and industrial challenge, drawing from our vast library of DC power supplies and ancillary equipment. Our engineers are specialists in all aspects of DC power and its potential use for any imaginable purpose. Let us investigate with you how CEC proven power supplies and years of experience can help you achieve your newest requirements.