CEC’s long history in high-power RF engineering allows it to design and produce customized RF power supplies and transmitters, in frequencies up to 10 GHz, for any scientific, medical, defense, or industrial need. CEC specializes in high power applications including particle accelerators, plasma generators, unconventional natural resource recovery, material processing, radar, terrestrial and space communications, and atmospheric research.

CEC provides complete turn-key solutions from AC source to RF output, configured for your needs or individual subsystems and components tailored to your system requirements.

Over 70 years of RF power supply R&D allows CEC to meet your needs using standardized components – saving you time and money and reducing project risk

CEC’s expertise with high-power tuning and matching networks for various frequencies allows its designs to deliver the maximum possible power to less than optimal loads.

CEC solutions can utilize solid state devices, klystrons, IOTs, tetrodes, diacrodes, magnetrons and gyrotrons etc. as part of the design.

Standardized components allow for easy modification of systems when requirements change.

Many CEC RF systems are still working today, 30+ years after installation, with full parts and service support from CEC.

CEC’s custom RF power supplies include amplifiers that produce the plasma necessary to start a fusion process is one major piece in the puzzle of developing an unlimited energy supply.
An alternative to steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). CEC RF power supplies provide RF energy to induce oil flow by raising the temperature of the formation.
  • CEC has produced amplifiers providing 2.5MW of power using both tube and solid state technology.
  • Scientific and industrial applications include particle accelerators, plasma generators, unconventional natural resource recovery, and material processing.
  • CEC can provide custom control systems to command and monitor all aspects of the system, providing a high degree of system flexibility.
  • CEC provides unique custom cooling systems for different power supplies suitable for various environmental and climate conditions world-wide.
  • Expertise includes the design of air, de-ionized water, glycol and oil fluid cooling systems.
  • CEC systems provide precision thermal management capabilities, including variable-speed fans and pumps, to ensure temperature stability.
  • CEC expertise includes long, medium and short wave and VHF spectra, including AM, FM, PM, CW, Pulse and SSB modes of operation.
  • Recent applications include, terrestrial and space communications, radar, and atmospheric research.
  • CEC High-Power RF systems encompass LF and VLF transmitters, Antenna Matching Systems, HF communications transmitters, over-the-the horizon radar transmitters and shore-to-submarine communications.

Customized Solutions

CEC creates a unique system solution for every scientific and industrial challenge, drawing from our vast library of RF power supplies and transmitters. Our engineers are specialists in all aspects of RF technology and its potential use for any imaginable purpose. Let us investigate with you how CEC proven products and years of experience can help you achieve your newest requirements.