CEC’s 900 Series X band and S band transmitters are used primarily for deep space communications. The Continental 900 Series is currently being deployed in NASA’s Deep Space Network to communicate with spacecraft at the farthest reaches of our solar system and beyond.

As a proud partner to clients supporting interplanetary spacecraft missions, CEC offers technologically advanced products and invaluable RF expertise.

Our understanding of the unique challenges deep space customers face has positioned us as the world’s most trusted partner and leader in X band and S band transmitters and system technology.

CEC’s X band transmitters are used in the Deep Space Network, which communicates with spacecraft throughout our solar system and beyond.
  • Power Levels available from 20kW to 100kW
  • Liquid Cooled High Power S or X Band Kylstron Amplifier
  • Complete cooling systems with integrated control and monitoring; designed to self regulate klystron and waveguide temperatures, maintaining phase stability for low noise communications
  • Klystron, high voltage power supply and cooling system subsystems may be installed in convenient locations, interconnected by a fail- safe fiber optic system for maximum noise immunity and system protection
  • Extensive control and monitoring system continuously monitors a number for critical performance parameters in all subsystems; parameters reviewed by operator or downloaded for trend analysis; performance can be reviewed over the entire life of the transmitter
  • A touch screen GUI and manual push button operation are provided for ease of operation
  • TCP/IP Based Remote Control System allows unattended operation with no modification, enabling complete control from off-site
  • Proprietary and Patented Noise Reduction Technology achieves demanding RF performance requirements
  • High voltage power supply utilizes solid state design with proprietary technology for linearization and noise reduction; critical for this type of communication
  • Proprietary technology protects sensitive klystron gun structures from the damaging effects of commonly occurring plasma discharge; without need for extra protection from devices such as crowbars, hydrogen thyratrons or ignitrons
  • High Voltage Power Supply > 95% Efficient
  • Linearized High Voltage Power Supply provides high efficiency operation (typically greater than 90%)
  • High Voltage Power Supply provides extremely low noise performance suitable for the most demanding specifications in RF performance; such as residual AM Noise, SSB Phase Noise and Allen Deviation/Variance
  • Because high voltage energy diverter systems (crowbars),-- which typically contain heavy metals and dangerous gases—are not require to protect the Klystron amplifier, system is more reliable and environmentally friendly