CEC Shortwave Radio Transmitters make it possible for governments and organizations worldwide to reach audiences at great distances and in remote places with the most reliable and highest efficiency analog and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) transmitters on the market. For over 70 years CEC has made this possible with rugged, field-proven RF Engines that are easy to maintain and operate, and offer output levels ranging from100kW to 500kW.

CEC, as the leading supplier, has hundreds of shortwave radio transmitters operating around the world.  Several of these transmitters have been operating for more than 35 years.  CEC provides ongoing dedicated support for these systems. Unlike our competitors, we upgrade and improve our system instead of re-designing and releasing a completely new product every few years. This allows for continued support and an upgrade path for shortwave radio transmitters in the field in addition to commonality of parts.

Many governments around the world depend on CEC shortwave radio transmitters to educate and inform vast areas of population that have no other means of accessing this content.
  • Touch-screen operation for rapid tuning and frequency changeovers
  • Real-time graphical display of critical operating parameters
  • Mechanical layout designed for ease of technician access
  • Simple steps for maintaining top performance
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual
  • Numerous alerts, warnings, cut-backs, and automatic shut-down features
  • Safety interlocks protect access to hazardous areas
  • Field proven design ensures safe operation
  • One transmitter covers all shortwave frequency bands
  • Long Distance Radio transmissions from 100kW to 500kW (higher output power levels available up to 2000kW)
  • Custom modern, user- friendly ACS (Antenna Control Systems) and BCS (Broadcast Control System) for local and remote operation of CEC and existing third party equipment already on site.
  • DRM capable, DRM modulator provided upon request.
  • Designed with economical long-life power amplifier tubes.
  • CEC offers affordable turnkey shortwave systems, station design and construction, including antennas, matrix switches, BCS, ACS and installation services.
  • Field proven reliability.
  • Long term support