CEC and its founder have pioneered radar technology from the very beginning of its use as a tactical information gathering tool. Over the past 7 decades, CEC has continuously pushed the bounds of radar amplifiers capabilities with ground-breaking new engineering and manufacturing. Specializing in high power solid state and tube amplifiers, our products are used for various applications, including amplifiers for radar applications, VHF amplifiers for long range and deep penetration applications, and S-Band and X-Band Amplifiers for Deep Space Radar/ Space Telescope applications.

  • CEC has supplied many radar amplifiers dating back to the 1960s, when CEC supplied the radar amplifiers for the Nike Zeus system that was designed to protect our cities and defense installations against intercontinental ballistic missiles.
  • HADR (Hughes Air Defense Radar) systems deployed in the 1980’s around the globe, which utilize CEC amplifiers, are still being supported today.
  • CEC has recently developed proprietary technology for ultra low noise performance required for more advanced high power OTH and Deep Space Radar Systems.
  • CEC has both solid state and tube amplifier solutions. CEC can provide a recommendation on which technology is the best to achieve the desired system performance.
  • CEC is capable of providing a turn-key solution customized for the particular application requirements and environmental conditions. Solutions can be for fixed or mobile applications.
CEC has helped protect our safety and freedom for decades. The U.S. relies on CEC radar amplifiers to remain on watch 24 hours, 7 days a week.