Most of the world depends upon extremely accurate Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as GPS for precise navigation and timing services. Forms of interference to these satellite-based systems, such as jamming and spoofing are growing in frequency and severity. eLoran is a high power terrestrial based navigation and timing system, which can provide a backup to satellite based systems. eLoran is inherently more robust to interference or manipulation.

For over 50 years, CEC has been producing LF transmitters, which power eLoran technology.

Hundreds of transmitters deployed around the world; no other manufacturer has delivered more LF/VLF transmitters.

Patented CEC Technology allows for shorter eLoran antennas, eliminating previous concerns over size of antennae footprint.

Serving as a resilient PNT systems patented CEC eLoran technology reduces required height of an antenna by up to 50%, decreasing land footprint by approximately 75%.
  • Patented CEC technology allows for shorter eLoran antennas. Reducing the height of an antenna by up to a half decreases the required land by approximately 75%.
  • LF antenna design knowledge and proprietary software tools.
  • Experts in Electrical Design for LF/VLF Applications.
  • Antennas are designed for mechanical stability to preserve desired accuracy of system.
  • Electrical design takes into account advanced technology contained in CEC transmitters to provide an optimized economical overall system.
  • Power levels available from 50kW to 2MW.
  • Frequency – 100kHz, other frequencies upon request.
  • 64 air-cooled plug-in power amplifier modules per cabinet for ease of maintenance and repair.
  • Green Technology – Solid State Amplifier with AC-to-RF efficiency greater than 80%.
  • Equipped with CEC Patented technology to permit the utilization of shorter antennas lowering deployment cost.
  • Active Pulse-Tail Recovery for interference reduction and added efficiency.
  • Fiber transport employed for all data communications to prevent RF interference with digital streams and control links.
  • Variable inductors (Variometers) provide continuous fine adjustment of inductance for antenna tuning control; a second variometer performs loading control to match antenna resistance.
  • CEC-designed motor and controls packages provide complete closed-loop control of fine-tuning.
  • Variomoters designed and manufactured by CEC.
  • Protective spark gap protects from lightning induced transients.
  • CEC’s Gas-Cap® Capacitors typically used in matching networks along with variometers to match transmitter output impedance.
  • Fixed and variable models designed and manufactured by CEC.
  • Available current ratings to 400 A, capacitance to 25,000 pF and peak voltage ratings to 85 kV.
  • CEC has produced highly reliable gas capacitors since 1947.
eLoran is a high power, Low Frequency (LF), ground wave radio broadcast system, capable of providing 10-20 meter positioning accuracy, Stratum-1 frequency distribution, and Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) timing well within one microsecond (μs) across very large areas (1,000 miles).