CEC’s CTX Series Television Transmitter is the first to offer leading edge GaN solid state amplifier technology, which delivers a high level of broadband performance, quality and efficiency.

First to Utilize GaN Transistor Technology

Small Footprint, Higher Efficiencies, and Completely Broadband

22kW Available in Single Cabinet; Up to 100kW with Multiple Cabinets

With this most recent product addition to our portfolio, we believe TV broadcasters will soon choose to rely on CEC to broadcast their content to viewers.
  • 10 Year GaN Transistor Warranty
  • Hot-Swap Broadband Power Amplifier Modules with Independent Power Supplies
  • Hot-Swap Parallel Power Supplies for ease of replacement while On Air
  • Field Exchangeable GaN Amplifier Pallets
  • Requires no Tuning
  • Allows for "Commonality of Spares" for all CTX Series transmitters in a network
  • Broadband Power Amplifiers and Combiners
  • First digital TV transmitter providing leading edge broadband GaN transistor technology.
  • Efficiency (ATSC): Up to 45%
  • Easy Operation and Control & Monitoring using External PC or Optional Touchscreen
  • Remote Control and Monitoring via SNMP
  • Designed for multiple digital TV standards (ATSC, ATSC 3.0, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb, DTMB and CMMB)
  • Multi-Standard Digital Broadcasting
  • Three Phase AC Power
  • Easily Scalable to Higher Power Levels
  • Optional integrated GPS Receiver
  • Normal Operation with VSWR up to 1.3
  • Liquid Cooled
Most television transmitter manufacturers focus design efforts primarily on high efficiency and maximum output power. And for some international markets such as Europe targeted by those manufactures, efficiency may have the most significant impact on the operating costs because of the high cost of electric power in those particular markets. But in their quest for maximum efficiency and power output, those transmitter designs typically resort to higher system complexity, narrower operating bandwidths, and pushing amplifier transistors close to the limits of their safe operating region.

While high efficiency is always a desirable attribute, it becomes less of a factor in operating cost in markets where electric power costs are low. In the US, for example, and other markets with lower energy costs, system reliability and maintenance metrics assume more significant roles in determining total cost of ownership. High efficiency should be a “given” when selecting a transmitter. But Continental believes that coaxing the last ounce of efficiency should not be done at the expense of compromising reliability, or requiring additional or more frequent and complex maintenance. This is especially important where electric power is affordable and can be half the cost as other markets.

Continental’s CTX Series geared for the US market offers a design approach which strikes a balance in transmitter Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency. GaN (gallium nitride) device technology delivers the inherent and proven ability to support much higher junction temperatures. This fundamental paradigm has enabled our designers to focus on transmitter reliability and repair simplicity. The result is a transmitter which delivers high efficiency and broadband performance, along with improved reliability and minimum maintenance costs. In addition, the low operating temperatures and resulting high transistor MTBF figures now enable Continental to provide a 10-year transistor warranty to our customers, which is fully backed up by the transistor manufacturer.

In short, television broadcasters no longer need to sacrifice reliability, nor spend more time maintaining transmitters, just to get a minor bump in operating efficiency. With GaN transistors, Continental’s CTX Series offers unequaled performance, low maintenance, and long-life power amplifier devices.