Continental has been installing fixed-station LF & VLF transmission systems since the 1960s. Simply put, no one has deployed as many systems, or has more experience developing, manufacturing, and upgrading fixed-station LF & VLF transmission systems than Continental.

Continental was selected as subcontractor by Larsen and Toubro (L&T) to provide its experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of VLF systems to support the INS (India Navy Ships) project.

The project, commissioned in 2014, required CEC to supply VLF transmission equipment for submarine communications.
CEC manufactured, delivered, and installed the Type 124 VLF Solid State Transmitter capable of delivering 6MVA. This transmitter is believed to be the highest power solid state transmitter operating in the world.
Continental delivered a state-of-the-art VLF system which included the transmitter (30 SSPA’s), a control system, ATUs, Component Sourcing, Transmission Line, Loads, and Switches as well as the RF Design of the Antenna.
The antenna system consists of two 470m slant-feed top-loaded monopole antennas with ground mast. CEC’s expertise lead to satisfy the project’s requirement of increased data capacity up to 400 baud.
Continental is proud to be part of a team that delivers advanced communication capability in support of India Navy Ships.

In 2012 The Indian Domestic Agency awarded Continental Electronics Corporation a contract to develop the radio frequency (RF) sources for ITER’s ion cyclotron heating and current drive (IC H&CD) system.

The ITER project is being built in southern France by 35 nations collaborating to develop the world’s largest magnetic fusion device to prove the feasibility of fusion as a large-scale carbon-free source of energy.
The IC H&CD system is a critical element in achieving the plasma performances planned for ITER’s operation.
ITER intends to demonstrate that plasma and fusion reactions can be controlled and practical energy creation is possible with negligible consequences to the environment.
Each transmitter will provide 24 MW of power, configured as two parallel amplifier chains power-combined at their outputs. The entire RF system is designed to deliver 20 MW into the plasma, at frequencies between 40 and 65 MHz. In all, nine RF sources will be required (including a spare).
With decades of experience in manufacturing high-power RF sources for plasma heating CEC offers unique qualifications to the ITER program’s stringent specifications.